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« Friday October 12, 2007 »
Start: 22:00
End: 02:00

House music with Dj Lawrence Casal and guest Djs.

Start: 10:30
End: 17:30

Only national artists will expose their works at the 6. edition of exhibition Bienarte.

Start: 18:00
End: 21:00

The movie Marasmo from Costa Rica will be shown.

Start: 19:30
End: 22:30

84, Charing Cross Road was written by Helene Hanff (USA) in 1970. James Roose-Evans adapted it for the stage version. It is a two-character version about Helene Hanffs twenty year correspondence with Frank Doel, an antiquarian bookseller located in London, England.

Start: 20:00
End: 23:00

Napalm Death is a grindcore/ death metal band from Brimingham, England.

Start: 20:00
End: 23:30

Festival de Salsa Costarricense with the following musicians and bands: Son de Tikizia, Erick Sanchez and Esencia Latina.

Start: 22:00
End: 23:30

The Costa Rican band Amarillo Cian y Magenta play Nu Jazz, the band members are: Nelson Ramirez, Sean Dibango, Arend Vargas, Andres Cordero, Glendon Ramirez and Carlos “Tapado” Vargas.

Start: 22:00
End: 23:30

Gandhi is a Costa Rican rock group inspired by groups such as Pink Floyd, Queen and the Beatles, and the Latin-American bands Soda Stereo and Caifanes.

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