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ITTF (International Tourism Trade Fair)


Once again, Costa Rica has been awarded during the International Tourism fair in Spain in edition 28. This time the award is for Best Stand presented by the organization.

For the Tourism Minister of Costa Rica, Carlos Ricardo Benavides, this acknowledgement is the result of a joint effort developed by the Costa Rican Tourism Board (ICT) and the business sector.

“Since we joined the government with private business, our goal has been to produce a complete and unique stand that justly represents our country. It is the largest stand that we’ve had at international festivals. All in all, it is more than 3,573 sq. ft. and has a unique design that allows it to be viewed from many spots in the pavilion,” said Benavides.

The festival’s panel, one of the largest in the world of tourism, took into consideration factors such as professionalism (the stand’s appropriateness for the marketing needs of each product), communication and sales (the stand’s identification with the image and product), as well as the design (originality and innovation).

The award is presented to three representatives of the categories: autonomous communities and organizations, businesses and countries. In the last category, those named were ICT-Costa Rica, Portugal and the National Argentine Tourism Institute.

Costa Rica presented a design that represented our tropical rain forests which were decorated with plants and foliage brought from our country to Spain. It also displayed a replica of a hanging bridge and plenty of space to attract visitors and business people to facilitate business during the festival.

The Costa Rican private sector, headed by Gonzalo Vargas, president of the National Tourism Board (CANATUR) expressed his delight for the award and praised the designers’ efforts, supported by the ICT.

“Without a doubt, the effort and dedication that was shown in building and decorating the Costa Rican stand, giving an appearance of a tropical rainforest in the middle of the festival, deserves not only this award, but also our elation, since it shows once again that we keep setting the precedent in the world, and that our principal tourist product, nature, continues to marvel the world,” said Vargas.

ITTF is one of the most important international tourist festivals in the world. This year more than 170 countries, 13,300 companies, and 81,000 exhibitors from around the world participated. They estimated the arrival of 250,000 visitors, of which, 150,000 are professionals from the field. There was 1,076,391 sq. ft. of festival space to roam, with pavilions divided into Africa, the Asian-Pacific, international hotel chains, the European Union, North Africa, America, the Near East, Spanish entities and organizations, as well as the ITTF congress.

ICT Costa Rica Tourism Board (February 1., 2008) San Jose, Costa Rica