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The Philharmonic Orchestra From Costa Rica Presents Abracadabra

02/14/2006 - 8:00pm
02/14/2006 - 11:00pm

In the first two concerts this year the Philharmonic Orchestra of Costa Rica will interpret music from the group “Abracadabra”. Ex-band member Victor Kapusta will play along with the orchestra.

The members of "Abracadabra" are from Argentina but lived a long period in Costa Rica. Victor Kapusta now lives in Arizona. Since the seventies the group recorded several records and cd’s. Their music is simplistic and often very romantic.
The Philharmonic Orchestra of Costa Rica was funded in the year 2003 by its director Marvin Araya. The orchestra uses, in addition to the for a symphonic orchestra typical instruments, saxophones, drum kits, piano and electric bass.

Some of the tracks of the two hour long concert will be:
Chao, carino chao
Hoy te doy la mitad de lo que soy
Yo me voy, tu te vas
Ayudame olvidar
Puerto Limon
Un lugar un cafe

Official name of the event: "La Orquesta Filarmonica Interpreta A Abracadabra Con Victor Kapusta"
Location: Teatro Melico Salazar, San Jose