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Operation increases more than 50 thousand seats annually


On April, the airway company Spirit will begin its flights from Fort Lauderdale Airport in Florida, United States towards the Juan Santamaría Airport in Costa Rica, this after a successful negotiation of the Costa Rica Tourism Board (ICT) with officials from this company.

Carlos Ricardo Benavides, Minister of Tourism, who led the agreement was satisfied with the new route that will allow daily flights in the month of May, after beginning with three flights a week that will be increased to five.

“United States is still one of our main markets and the arrival of Spirit Airlines opens new possibilities for people to visit us. Also, Costa Ricans will have better options to visit US, said Carlos Ricardo Benavides, Minister of Tourism.”

It is a company that operates under the system of low costs, which means that it is characterized for operating with a high use of its assets. Also, they minimize their stop-over times; they continually reduce their costs, and are focused in selling seats at low prices. The concept of this airline is to operate efficiently and maximize its incomes.

Spirit Airlines has planned a programmed flight with an arrival schedule at noon time and departure to Florida at 12:45 pm. The duration of the flight is of two hours and 30 minutes.

From Fort Lauderdale, whoever uses this route can connect with the cities of Tampa, Orlando, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta, Detroit, Boston, Providence, Atlantic City, New York, Washington DC, and Myrtle Beach.

The planes used by the company to fly to Costa Rica are model A-319, with a capacity of 144 passengers.

The manager emphasized that the frequency of flights offered by Spirit will allow an increase in the supply of seats up to 50 thousand a year. In the case of the American market, this is shown in a 6,1% of increase in the amount of flights passing from 445 monthly in 2006 to 472 per month this year.

ICT Costa Rica Tourism Board (January 24., 2007) San Jose, Costa Rica