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In Fitur, Spain from the Travel Weekly Magazine


The multiple attractions of Costa Rica as tourist destination and the opportunities that the tourists have to enjoy of the best vacations are only some of the considerations that the American tourist industry took into account when it awarded the country the prize as best Latin American tourist destination.

The prize was awarded today to the Minister of Tourism, Carlos Ricardo Benavides, by the prestigious international magazine Travel Weekly in the International Fair of Tourism (FITUR) that is taking place in Spain.

For the Minister, this award granted by these means of communication is very important because the country was really chosen by the 140 thousand readers the magazine has, especially those who are part of the American tourist industry.

“It is a great distinction for Costa Rica that a magazine like Travel Weekly has awarded us with this prize, which is the Reader’s Award that the tourist industry of the United States gives, (hoteliers, travel agencies, tour operators, and airlines, among others) and that chose our country as the best Latin American tourist destination.

This not only reiterates the good image that we have in the market, but also is of great importance because it demonstrates that Costa Rica continues being well seen in the Unites States, in spite of the attempt of some people in demonstrating a different perception”, said Carlos Ricardo Benavides, Minister of Tourism.

The selection for the awarding is based on a survey that is undertaken every year by Travel Weekly to its readers in 32 different categories, which allows free voting of each of them and then undertake a pre-selection.

In the pre-selection process that was known last November, our country competed with countries like Panama, Chile, Peru, Argentina, and Brasil. After a new vote among these, the members of the industry honoured Costa Rica with the recognition.

It is important to point out that the magazine readers also considered that our country is one of the best sold destinations between Central America and South America, given the good conditions that it has with its harmonious tropical climate, its natural and adventure attractions, as well as exotic places and the warmth of its people.

Travel Weekly is a prestigious international magazine that has circulated in the United States for about 36 years. It is considered one of the most important magazines of the tourist industry by that country, with a weekly circulation of 49 thousand copies besides the ones on electronic form.

ICT Costa Rica Tourism Board (February 8., 2007) San Jose, Costa Rica