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Andrés Oppenheimer’s Interview with the Minister of Tourism of Costa Rica, Carlos Ricardo Benavides


The advances in the subject of Costa Rica’s tourism competitiveness, which have led it to achieve the first place in Latin America within this scope, according to a recent report of the World Economical Forum, stood out in the popular television program “Oppenheimer Presents”, conducted by the world renowned journalist, Andrés Oppenheimer, in an interview held with the Minister of Tourism, Carlos Ricardo Benavides.

This Forum, which is broadcasted in 57 million homes in 17 countries such as the United States, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela, and others from Europe, is of great importance according to the Minister, since it allows Costa Rica to stand proud of the progress it has achieved in the tourism industry.

“It is important to realize that, for Latin America, tourism must be an absolute priority, since there is an evident economical and social impact on our countries. In the case of Costa Rica, on one hand we should be happy with what has been achieved, but we must understand that there is still room for improvement and opportunities to grow,” stated Carlos Ricardo Benavides, Minister of Tourism.

According to the information from the World Economical Forum, our country is ranked as the first in tourism competitiveness in Latin America; this position would drop to second place if the Caribbean is taken into account.

The report also shows that we are among the first three Latin American countries regarding environmental regulations, hygiene, health, prioritization of tourism, tourism infrastructure, telecommunications, and price competitiveness.

The study describes Costa Rica as one of the two “Star” countries in Latin America regarding tourism, foreseeing a sustained growth of this sector in the following years.

The program also relied on the participation of experts from the World Economical Forum, namely: Patricio Sepúlveda, Vice President for Latin America of the International Air Transportation Association, the aviation expert Robert Booth, Director of AV Group, the President of the Latin American Chamber of Tourism, as well as the Minister of Tourism and Commerce of Peru.
The program was broadcasted to the United States at the end of April. Subsequently, retransmissions will initiate on television channels in the rest of countries of the Latin American region.

Andrés Oppenheimer is a world-renowned journalist graduated from the University of Columbia, born in Argentina and naturalized in the United States. He was a member of the winning team of the Pulitzer Prize for the investigation of the Iran Contra Affair involving the Government of Ronald Reagan in 1987.

He worked for the News Agency AP and in 1983 he began writing in the Miami Herald, where he currently has a weekly column called “The Oppenheimer Report”. He has written important books, the most recent of them is “Chinese Stories” which has been considered a best seller in the political field.

ICT Costa Rica Tourism Board (May 11., 2007) San Jose, Costa Rica