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Festival Imperial With Sting, Jamiroquai, The Rasmus, Hector 'El Bambino', Ghandi, Malpais, ...

04/01/2006 - 12:00pm
04/01/2006 - 11:00pm

The "Festival Imperial" will take place at the racetrack "La Guacima" outside of San Jose. "Jamiroquai", "The Rasmus" and "Hector 'El Bambino'" will give their first concerts ever in Costa Rica! "Sting" has given two concerts before in Costa Rica, the last was in 1994. The organizers tried to contract "Duran Duran" but were unsuccessful.

Important Change: The tickets for 12500-¢ will be valid for both days!

Location: Racetrack "La Guacima", Alajuela
Presale: 12500-¢ - 40000-¢
Tickets at the door: 15000-¢ - 45000-¢
Who buys tickets for both days will get 10% discount for the second day!

Tickets are available at:
Alajuela: Servimas in Maxibodega
Heredia: Servimas in Maxibodega
Curridabat: Servimas in Maxibodega and Haagen-Dasz
San Sebastian: Servimas in Maxibodega
Guadelupe: Servimas in Maxibodega
San Jose: Bansbach
Mall Multiplaza: Bansbach
Escazu: Haagen-Dasz
Mall San Pedro: Insomnio